Consultancy and assistance in out-of-court and judicial litigation in the following areas of business law, including issues concerning the international law:

  • Contracts: assistance in editing and negotiation, sale, subcontracting, procurement and performance, agency, distribution and franchising, patent and know-how, license packaging, software.
  • Industrial law: trademarks and patents, copyright, advertising and competition;
  • Corporate law: assistance in trading equity and joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions. Responsibility of social bodies;
  • Corporate Consulting: Management and Organization Consulting. Management control. Reorganization and corporate restructuring. Support for functional analysis in project implementation, modification and optimization of company information systems.

Judicial and extrajudicial assistance related to any type of financial disruption and in the ordinary and special procedures, according to the latest amendments to the bankruptcy law introduced.

Assistance to companies for the protection of rights in respect of competition procedures (return actions, claim and bankruptcy revocation), participation in the creditors’ committee.

Activity aimed at improving the efficiency of the organization.

The purpose of consultancy is to evaluate and improve the business processes of risk control and management by verifying both the suitability of the contractual instruments adopted by the company and the compliance with the correct application of the regulations, such as, for example, taxes, customs and those relating to the protection of personal data.

Counseling and assistance in disputes, including trade unions or in matters of social security, relating to subordinate employment, public employment and self-employment.

Representation in civil and corporate litigation in front of the Italian judicial authority.

Moreover, our professionals usually deal with arbitration proceedings, either as defenders or as arbitrators appointed by the parties.

The service devoted to the recovery of unsettled credits, both in the out-of-court and judicial areas, is proposed by the Law Firm, with the aim of making targeted, rapid and effective interventions to protect credit.

A study of the actual recoverability of the credit is carried out on a preventive basis, mainly to avoid additional charges to the lender, in case of a serious insolvency situation in which the debtor might be.

This Law Firm examines the following elements in relation to both companies and people:

  • Tracing procedures at all registers of the municipalities of Italy and Chamber of Commerce;
  • Locating the business site and any local units;
  • Role and possible participation of directors and members, even in different social strata held by them all over Italy;
  • Reading and interpretation of company financial statements for the analysis of the company’s economic situation;
  • Existence of protests and enforcement and precautionary actions against the debtor;
  • The assets of the debtor, both in the field of securities and real estate;
  • Existence of transcripts prejudicial to the debtor’s assets.

After acquiring this informations and verified the potential recoverability of the credit, the Law Firm assumes its formal mandate and within a few business days will retrieve and safeguard the credit itself, by providing the most appropriate professional assistance, bringing the following actions:

  • Payment order and/or ordinary civil action to obtain the recognition of the credit;
  • Provision of precautionary procedures for the safety of the credit (judicial, conservative, emergency procedures);
  • Assistance to foreclosure and real estate procedures;
  • Instance of Bankruptcy;
  • Application for admission to the liabilities in Bankruptcy and credits collection.

The Law Firm offers advisory and professional assistance services aimed at protecting and obtaining compensation especially to those directly linked to the event, such as material damages, biological and moral deriving from gain loss, including protection of “accessory damages”.

Regarding biological damage, intended also as psychophysical impairment, the Law Firm offers professional advisory and counseling services in order to obtain compensation, providing in the most realistic way a professional opinion directed at its quantification.

In particular, the Law Firm interfaces with the Affiliated Insurance Company, acting in the interest of the damaged customer and operating to gain a proper reparation of the suffered damages.

In the event of non-payment of damages in the out-of-court phase, the Law Firm shall act in court against the injuring party and his or her insurance company, after the exploitation of the mandatory assisted negotiation procedure [D.L. 162/2014].

Due to the delicate nature of this subject, especially in presence of children, the Law Firm offers expert advice and assistance in order to resolve briefly and positively the marital and cohabitation crises.

In particular, the activity of the Law Firm is based on listening meetings, involving – where possible – the other spouse or partner and his/her legal advisor, providing counseling and legal assistance and out-of-court settlement of family law disputes.

The Law Firm takes into consideration the interest of the individual and the entire family as well, trying to find solutions that are not detrimental to the rights of anybody, even the minor, who must be more protected as a fragile figure, against which are poured the problems and the differences between their parents.

For this purpose, the Law Firm also uses consultations of family mediators and specialized psychotherapists to help clients and their children to manage the conflict and/or run the problem raised in a peaceful and correct manner.

Stefano Massimiliano Rovetta is also a member of the A.I.A.F. – Italian Association of Family and Minor Lawyers, which ensures a qualified defense and legal assistance, based on recognition of specialization and continuous updating.

Specifically, the Law Firm is specialized in:

  • Personal separation of spouses and cessation of the civil effects of marriage;
  • Dissolution of civil unions and cessation of coexistence;
  • Relocation and maintenance of minor children;
  • Procedures for the protection of minors;
  • Regulation of the balance and economic relations between the co-habitants;
  • Recognition or disregard of paternity, judicial declaration of paternity and maternity;
  • Procedures of disabling, disqualification and supporting administration;
  • Name and/or last name change procedures.

Analysis and evaluation addressed to professionals, companies and consultants, regarding compliance with Italian and European legislation on the protection of personal data, in accordance with Legislative Decree 196/2003 and European Regulation no. 697/2016.

In particular, the Law Firm analyzes and adapts the personal data processing and retention system by providing the following services:

  • Analysis of the corporate organogram;
  • Verification of data protection and information for the data processing;
  • Evaluation of the risks associated with retention and processing of personal data;
  • Consultancy and support to the organization of the company structure and the implementation of systems and data storage methods;
  • Assistance in writing the letters of appointment of the subjects responsible for the data processing;
  • Verification of the requirements to nominate the “Data Protection Officer”;
  • Assistance in drafting the privacy policy and consent to the processing of personal data.

Such services are offered in order to be properly aligned with the new European privacy Regulation and avoid the danger of an application of heavy sanctions by the Authorities.

Law Firm offers banking analysis and consulting services to private and companies and, in particular, regarding the existence of usury and/or compound interests and/or over-the-counter fees exceeding the parameters set by law and the Bank of Italy, leading to a higher charge for the account holder and undue enrichment of the banks.

In particular, the Law Firm analyzes the client’s banking situation, assessing whether there is an opportunity to act against the Bank, in order to obtain reimbursement.

In detail the services offered to the customer are:

  • Analysis – with the assistance of specialized experts – of current bank accounts, unsecured mortgages and mortgages, credit bills, swaps, IRS contracts, leasings, in addition to any convention subsequent to the original one and unilateral variations of the terms of the contract;
  • Drafting and sending of a letter to the Bank to request documents relating to the contracts according with article 119 of T.U.B.;
  • Out-of-court assistance;
  • Assistance in the mandatory banking mediation procedure;
  • Judicial assistance throughout the country.

The Law Firm also provides assistance and advice in exploitation procedures, according with italian law n. 3/2012 [modified by D.L. n. 179/2012 converted into L. n. 221/12], addressed to all private and individual companies that are over indebted and unable to access the bankruptcy procedures, provided by the Bankruptcy Law.

In particular, the procedure allows the cancellation of “debts discharge”, including those to the tax authorities and Equitalia.

The Law Firm assists the client who wishes to undertake this procedure through one of the three different types of discharge:

  • Crisis settlement agreement: assistance to the debtor, over-indebted, in the preparation of a debt restructuring agreement with the help of crisis-settlement bodies, located in the district of the competent court.
  • Consumer plan: assistance to the debtor, as a consumer, preparing the satisfaction of the credits plan.
  • Liquidation of the debtor’s assets: assistance to the debtor, as an alternative to the proposed agreement or plan of the consumer, enabling the debtor to complete his exploitation through the liquidation of his personal assets, partially satisfying the creditors.