the studio

The Stefano Massimiliano Rovetta Law Firm arose from the professional experience of the lawyer Stefano Massimiliano Rovetta, who has been able, practicing forensic profession since 1998, to consolidate a multi-year experience, working with the primary aim of being able to be considered a trusted lawyer.


The Stefano Massimiliano Rovetta Law Firm today boasts an excellent team of lawyers and professionals who are able to operate in the most different areas of expertise and offer a wide range of services, ranging from business, financial, banking and taxation, to the negotiation of business contracts and corporate and financial transactions, from assistance and counseling in family and child care, to advice in the area of ​​privacy law.

our commitment

Our philosophy is to maximize the value of Your dedicated service by providing a tailor-made workgroup, providing You with excellent, timely and intelligible advice and assistance, ensuring You consistently and sharp support in sharing problems and in the choice of solutions and strategies, with the ultimate goal of ensuring the best combination of quality, efficiency and cost, in the utmost transparency.